The Cons Of Asphalt Shield Roofing

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Although the asphalt shield roofing requires a hot roof contractor, it has gained traction all over the world one cannot bury his or her head in the sun to just praise the type of roofing shield roofing is. Although the asphalt shield roofing has great advantages ranging from being cost effective, needing low maintenance and repairs, being fire resistant, being environmentally friendly, needing easy installation of the roof, and being energy efficient, it also tags along with it some cons that you need to live with in case you choose asphalt shield roofing. Therefore, while choosing any type of shield that you need for your roofing it is always nice to look into both the cons and the pros of the shield. This article therefore will give you a detailed list of cons that you need to think about while choosing the asphalt shield roofing. They include:

Less durable
One of the main coin that you need to live with while you choose the asphalt shield roofing is the short-term nature of the roofing. The lifespan of the asphalt shield roofing is only 30 years from which you are required to replace it so as to avoid roof damage, which can be very costly to you in case it damages afterwards. Therefore, due to its lifespan you will be required to keep replacing your roofs now and then, which is quite costly and tiring at the same time if you think about it although its cost is low. However to walk around this cons you can add protective treatment to the asphalt shield roofing so as to increase the lifespan to about 40 years if you need to.

Not for flat roofs
In case you are a fan of flat roofing woe unto you because the asphalt shingle roofing does not support such type of roofing. This is because when the asphalt shingle roofing are used to construct flat roofing they wear out very easily and when used to steeper roofs thus making it not so conducive for flat roofing. Due to this fact, therefore the asphalt shingle roofing \basically locks you out in case you wanted to use it for your flat roofing building which can be quite disappointing. In addition, when you use it in flat roofing you will have to contend with the high cost of maintenance and low lifespan of your roof. Which can make you broke anytime of the day and you do not want that. Therefore, it is better to leave it in case you want a flat roofed building.

Not environmentally friendly
Some of the asphalt shingle roofing are not environmentally friendly which can be a disaster for you and your neighbors. Although these days they have been rectified so as to be environmentally friendly there are some which are not. This therefore goes against the worldwide campaign to make the world green, which will make the lives of people all over the world to be healthy and happy with no or less infections.