Ways To Repair The Central Conditioning System

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You could be going through a problem with you central air conditioning system , may be it isnt working or has little cooling power. This should not make you troubled because there are solutions for the problem. This will help you in troubleshooting the problems your air conditioner has and solve it by yourself. Did you know that the air conditioner you have at home has five elements? These are: refrigerant, condenser, evaporator coil, compressor and expansion value. They all have different roles to play therefore they are very important.

If your Air Conditioner is not Activating

Your cooling system might not be activating. The problem is brought about by the circuit breaking or when the fuse is blown, a faulty thermostat or you have improperly set, the problem maybe the switch inside being off.
The solutions that you may apply is that of making sure that the thermostat is cool and it is not set off, ensure that the thermostat is set below room temperature. The other solution is checking if the 240 voltage breaker is taking control of the air conditioners compressor, switch on all the switches including the external safety switch. Ensure the door blower on air handler is closed.

When there is Poor Air Flow

This is usually as a result of the air filters being dirty. The dirt clogs and blocks the filter making it hard to function smoothly. Clean the air filters and in case it is completely damaged replace with a new one. Ensure that the dampers all around the rooms are open and inspect whether the ductwork has been disconnected.

When the Air Conditioner does not Required Air Size

The problem is brought about by having a too large space where the air conditioner is supposed to serve but it has no capabilities. If it fails to dehumidify frequently and may turn ON and OFF regularly the cause is automatically the oversize system. The oversized system cools air very fast and thermostat shut down even when there is less humidity in the room. The solution to this is simply by changing the condensing unit and the coil. Choose the proper system size for your room

Longer compressor cycle but less cooling

This is brought about by the compressor getting worn out. The compressor has lost the strength of compressing refrigerant. This can only be helped out by a trained technician whom will test for the compressor ability and may also replace it.

Having a short compressor cycle

This is the one that turns OFF and ON frequently. It is brought by a thermostat that is obstructed, a leaked refrigerant, oversized cooling system or iced coiled. Correct it to ensure that there is no obstruction of thermostat, ensure the fins are not dirty on the exterior condensing unit and no bends are formed. You can repair the bent fins and clean the fins using a fin comb. Replace the filter if there is need or ask a technician to completely replace the coil and the condensing unit.

It is advisable to keep your conditioners serviced by skilled personnel. Change your filters at least twice a year if you live in a dust area. Select a technician that you do trust to be regularly taking a look on the cooling system unit.